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Box 1

Focus group discussion guide

(1) Definition of embarrassment with regard to cervical cancer

(2) Implications of embarrassment on cervical cancer screening and treatment (including HPV self-collection)

(3) Overcoming embarrassment

(4) Other barriers to cervical cancer screening

(5) Perception of cervical cancer

(6) Evaluation and future directions for the ASPIRE project

(1–6) of the focus group topic guide

(7) Focus group methodology

(8) Focus group data analysis

A subset of key stakeholders participated in the focus groups to facilitate discussion. Local women were invited to participate through a purposive sampling lead by the ASPIRE community health workers. 33 We recruited women between the ages of 30 and 69 years who lived or worked within the target community in Uganda. Using the rich knowledge of the ASPIRE community health workers, we sought information-rich participants who would be willing to share their views. We recruited a total of 16 women to attend the focus groups. The first focus group was comprised of eight previous participants in the ASPIRE project. The second focus group was comprised of eight women naïve to the ASPIRE project. The third focus group was conducted with all 16 women to review results, disseminate the findings and seek clarification on any underdeveloped ideas. This recruitment strategy was specifically chosen to capture diverse perspectives from an experienced group and a naïve group. We hypothesised that the ASPIRE-experienced group would describe less embarrassment than the ASPIRE-naïve group. The community health workers involved in the project acted as focus group facilitators and the ASPIRE project coordinator (Doreen Birungi) assisted in the translation and cultural interpretation of the results. Transcription and thematic analysis were undertaken following each focus group, with the goal of generating new ideas for discussion in subsequent groups. The topics were flexible and driven by the focus-group participants, in keeping with the foundation of qualitative research. Essential Top Dark Star by VIDA VIDA Choice Cheap Online Huge Surprise Cheap Online Wide Range Of Cheap Price 2018 Cheap Online pUxGMT

Data collection and analysis

All stakeholder interviews and focus group discussions were audiotaped and transcribed by the primary researcher (FFT) and Luganda translator (Doreen Birungi). Workshops were undertaken in Luganda and English. The English portion of the audiotape was transcribed. The Luganda translator reviewed the audiotape and written transcript to verify appropriate translation and content. During the second review, the translator also assisted as a cultural liaison to ensure that the data correctly reflected the Ugandan cultural context. A thematic analysis of transcripts was undertaken after each focus group and themes were refined with each analysis. The stakeholder interviews were analysed and reported in the Results section and were also used to inform the content of the discussion guide used for subsequent focus groups.

A final thematic analysis was undertaken at the conclusion of the three workshops by FFT and the data were presented to the participants at a final meeting to ensure that the content was correct and reflective of the intentions of the group. Super Skinny Jeans In Bleach Wash Bleach blue Asos Footlocker Sale Online LqhJNAom
The coding structure was developed using grounded theory and content analysis. Outlet Low Shipping Discount Best Wholesale Cupro Skirt snake skin ink by VIDA VIDA Cheap Online For Sale Cheap Online 7huHQ
A second independent thematic analysis was undertaken by MS to enhance inter-rater reliability 37 and to ensure that all themes were internally convergent and externally divergent, meaning that categories were structured so that they were internally consistent but distinct from one another. 38 Following the development of the code structure, a framework analysis was undertaken using the Health Belief Model. 39 This framework has been utilised in understanding screening behaviours, preventative actions and illness behaviour and also been well validated in these settings. Metric slip dress White Taylor Cheap Latest Collections Huge Surprise Cheap Price Discount Fashionable Free Shipping Huge Surprise Cheap Sale Official Site rnPQJtQ
, 21 , 39

Of the 16 women that we surveyed, the average age was 44 years with a range between 30 and 57 years. The majority of women were married (50%) and had attended primary school with or without some secondary education (75%). Eighty-eight per cent worked outside the home and lived in the target district in Kampala within 30 min from the health centre ( table 1 ).

Geeti July 5, 2014 at 10:14 pm

I think the problem isn’t that trauma is being acknowledged and brought into the open, but that it’s being assimilated into a neoliberal institution of biomedical care that reduces complex emotion to diagnostic checklists, and strips grief of its political meaning. I think that plays a big role in perpetuating the idea that the grief of others ought not to be touched — an idea that creates isolated lifeworlds, one per person, making the suffering of queer people outside of richer countries seem too far away and too small.

xandracoe July 6, 2014 at 4:13 am

Excellent phrasing: “asssimilated into a neoliberal institution of biomedical care that reduces complex emotion to diagnostic checklists, and strips grief of its political meaning.” And yes, I think that goes to the heart of the problem. What we call trauma used to be called life.

will July 6, 2014 at 5:42 am

Bored, you should watch the century of the self.

sirenis July 6, 2014 at 9:17 pm

Speaking of boring, irrelevant, and full of shit, as a trauma survivor I find the constant grasping of people for special consideration of their triggers to be venal bullshit.

Real triggers are very seldom as neat and self explanatory as people often claim they are, and being triggered is often evidence of healing. 2 years into treatment this view would have had my full sympathy, 10 years out it has my contempt. Crying for protection and kid glove treatment only slows down the healing process. Trying to score political points this way is just cheap.

Using your cultivated and curated pain to shut down discussions, especially in an academic setting, is reprehensible.

XH July 7, 2014 at 4:38 pm

Yes! This! This reply is perfect! Thank you!

Silver H. August 16, 2014 at 3:17 pm

For the sake of the article, which makes some interesting points, I can understand “trigger(ing)” in relationship to hyper-individualism in current activism. However, I think the outrage about the mere notion of trigger warnings is misplaced when put into proper context.

In reality, a trigger warning functions along the lines of “spoiler alert” (which also has its share of critics). The term seems closely linked to the Internet and serves to allow a person to make the decision to engage or not with specific content; it does so because we live in a world where the Internet lives in our pocket and we tend to mindlessly scroll through Facebook, Reddit, Twitter etc. at any free moment of the day (not all but any). There are times we’d prefer to avoid certain content for very practical reasons: in the 15 minutes before a job interview or business meeting, while we are procrastinating studying for an important exam, just after a fight with a partner of loved kne, after a difficult therapy session. The list goes on.

This also analogous to spoiler alerts, because people are very sensitive to having a movie of tv show they want to see ruined before they have chance to view it. They can and probably will return to the content after having viewed said tv show or movie. Trigger warnings do the same thing; they allow someone to decide when the appropriate time is to engage with certain content.

This has a natural extension into academia where students are expected to employ critical thought to various material and maintain a certain grade point average while doing so. Allowing a student to decide what time is best to engage with potentionally triggering material doesn’t create a culture of victomhood; it simply empowers a person. Students don’t take one course per term; they take many. Sometimes a student has lots of obligations and doesn’t feel that confronting triggering material is appropriate for them at that time. That doesn’t mean that they are running away from their problems and will never engage with material that triggers them, nor does it mean they will perpetually avoid any material that triggers.

You can link the term to individualism and neoliberalism, but I don’t think it’s fair to say it creates a culture of victomhood. I run in social activist circles and don’t hear people shouting about triggers in person. It came from the Internet and still mainly occurs on the web. If anything it’s a symptom or expression of Internet culture.

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July 7, 2014 at 11:15 pm
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July 11, 2014 at 3:24 am

While it’s true that some people suffer terrible childhoods of abuse and trauma, it’s always good to maintain a sense of perspective.

This creates a table in your database that is in the proper format that Django’s database-cache system expects. The name of the table is taken from Discount Buy Hot Sneakers for Women On Sale Turquoise Nylon 2017 25 4 45 5 55 6 65 75 Prada Free Shipping With Credit Card Sale Marketable mouGv9foeP

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If you are using multiple databases, createcachetable observes the allow_migrate() method of your database routers (see below).

Like migrate , createcachetable won’t touch an existing table. It will only create missing tables.

To print the SQL that would be run, rather than run it, use the createcachetable --dry-run option.

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Local datasets can be retained after the workflow run is complete by setting the runtime argument dataset.<dataset_name>.keep.local to true . For example in order to keep a WordCount dataset even after the workflow run is complete, set the runtime argument dataset.WordCount.keep.local to true . To keep all local datasets, set the runtime argument dataset.*.keep.local to true .

🔗 Concurrent Workflows

By default, a workflow runs concurrently, allowing multiple instances of a workflow to be run simultaneously. However, for scheduled workflows, the number of concurrent runs can be controlled by Discount Newest Discount Best Seller SKIRTS Long skirts Leon amp; Harper Cheap Sale Cost Pre Order For Sale Sale Exclusive EDPONtOCc
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In addition to passing the control flow from one node to the next, a workflow token is passed, available to each of the programs in the workflow. This allows programs to:

workflow token

The API is intended to allow appropriate action to be taken in response to the token, including logging and modifying the conditional execution of the workflow based on the token.

Once a run is completed, you can query the tokens from past workflow runs for analyses that determine which node was executed more frequently and when. You can retrieve the token values that were added by a specific node in the workflow to debug the flow of execution.

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